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Hi Welcome!

I don't plan to post or upload anything here anymore, everything is on my twitter accounts.

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So!! I finally have time to write my concert report from osaka nov. 22 (friday).

Me and my best friend (who is in the fc) skipped 3 days of school, left Hawaii Wednesday afternoon, got to Osaka Thursday night, and went to the concert Friday night. (I was so hyped up though, I didn't feel tired at all XD)

Friday morning we woke up around 6:30 to catch the train from Kobe to Osaka to go buy goods. And let me say, when I first saw Kyocera dome, it was SO MASSIVE, and SO INCREDIBLE. Hawaii doesn't have large venues/domes, so this was something big for me (lol). And it didn't end there, because the line to buy goods was just as incredible.

arashi november 2013 013

arashi november 2013 016

arashi november 2013 019

It took us about 2 hours to get our stuff, which wasn't that bad.
I just remember it was really cold, cause our line went into the basement parking lot, and it was cold down there. But we were able to get all our stuff, including the dome limited ribbon bracelet (purple~) that they let us buy up to 5.

After, we didn't hang around outside of the dome (I secretly wanted to though) because we headed to osaka station area to find a locker to put all our goods in. Then we had lunch and spent the afternoon shopping in the area. But the cool thing was, there were so many girls all over the place with the concert bag, so it was really exciting spotting arashi fans walking around on the street (especially in the stations).

We also took purikura at this place called hep-five to document our arashi concert day :D I took a picture with the mini nino-uchiwa (MY BIAS), and my friend had her Sho uchiwa, and it was so cute because the machine made their eyes all cute and girly and sparkles.

Then about 3:30 we headed back to the station to have a snack/tea break, I had some Darjeeling tea and a mochi.

arashi november 2013 023

I couldn't for the life of me cut the mochi in half with that wooden....stick they gave. I ended up just using my hand.

THEN! about 4:15pm (when they open the gates to let people in), we headed to the dome. The train ride wasn't that crowded,but almost everyone had the concert bag, and I was so excited. SO EXCITED.

We got to the dome around 4:40, and there was so many people outside. Girls holding signs asking for tickets, people in line for goods, and just a lot of people just standing around having fun and talking. But we went right on in, there was no line, and the staffs were really nice.
Once inside of the dome, people were just standing around talking, eating and waiting. (yeah, they were selling food or something... takoyaki? maybe).

We got to our seats, which were kinda in the back of the stands on the first floor, but we had a really good view of the stage.

arashi november 2013 035

arashi november 2013 026

(first picture my friend took, second picture I took).

They were showing previews of shows and movies every 15-ish minutes, and then they played the Funky instructional video.
It was so nice to see everyone practicing with their penlights.

Then exactly at 6pm, the lights went out and everyone started screaming while turning on their penlights and getting their uchiwas ready.

The opening video starts playing on the main stage screen, and the phrase “what is love?” comes up with each member doing their own thing.

photo 4(pic from orista)

I think Sho was playing with some small kids, then Ohno’s on talking on the phone to someone, Nino driving with a bouquet of flowers in the passenger seat, Aiba was helping a old person cross the street, and Jun was holding a small ring box. And once again “What is love?” appears, and then suddenly

ARASHI APPEARS at the top of main stage above the screen. HAHAHAHA THEY WERE SO FAR AWAY AND TINY BUT I COULD SEE THEM ALL AND THEY WERE REAL :D And of course I screamed so loud just like everyone else. They started singing ai wo utaou in those feather white costumes, and came down to the steps. Then quickly moved straight into the first song BREATHLESS. The lighting was so exciting, and then Nino’s solo part came and it was so wonderful. I screamed so much, but the music and everything was so loud, I couldn’t even hear myself scream haha :D I was almost crying at this point. almost.

Next was Wild at Heart where they went onto the moving stage, and started going towards back stage (opposite of main stage). Love Rainbow right after was really pretty too, because the setup was glowing all the rainbow colors, and they also did their greetings during this song. It was just like the dvd’s everyone getting the audience hyped up even more.

Confusion was right after, and all I remember from this song is the choreography was really interesting. There were a lot of jr’s all wearing red and dancing around Arashi. This was on center stage. Then towards the end of the song, the jr’s jumped away into these openings on the stage and they just completely disappeared.

Next they performed Endless game and I remember the audience screaming a lot when it started. The whole time I just kept staring at them dancing instead of the screen. They did the whole choreography just like how they perform on the music shows. It was fun seeing the whole dance from one angle :D

Right after, everyone disappeared and some parts of the setup and stage started glowing colors and the screen was showing outerspace looking things. A few minutes later it led right into intergalactic where Arashi returned in those blue/yellow outfits XD The dance was very robot like and I enjoyed it a lot.

Eyes with delight. Not really a favorite song, but the rap was fun. Sho got everyone to sing the rap with him; it was really easy  to sing along since it was all in English. Then I think after that part ended, sho disappeared and the rest of the members finished singing the song.

Which meant that Sho’s solo was next. And my friend who is a Sho bias was getting so excited next to me XD When he came out, he was on the platform facing our side. I screamed at him too. Then he eventually moved away and went to the other side to sing.

After his solo was ohno’s solo. He appeared on the back stage (which was also very close to us on the left side). The choreography was really nice and of course he sounded good as usual. (hahaha). Throughout the whole song there was a video playing on the main stage screen of ohchan and a woman walking together in a hotel. Then eventually he puts his arm around her waist and they walk to the hotel room. (Huhuhuhu. )

Next was sayonara no ato de, where everyone comes back out... I dont remember where they were standing though.

But it led into Rock tonight where it started off with a video of arashi's faces stuck on baby bodies having a conversation. I laughed so hard when ohno started doing his baby cry and his face turned red.

photo 3(pic from orista)

Then the song started, and it was so beautiful. All 5 were dancing on the platform on center stage, and the screens were showing all kinda cute pictures of tiny arashi with just the mouths singing along to the song. Then just before the song ended, nino jumped into the hole on the stage, and the other 4 screamed 'Ninomiiiiii! Ninomi!!!!', and lastly posed for their commemorative photo. (lol). They stuck nino's face on the top right corner like a stamp on an envelope. This is the pose they did:

photo 2(pic from weibo/not mine)

Then it was time for nino's solo, and he was so cute!!!! But also so far away on main stage. We could still see him really well though. I think he was adjusting his earpiece or hair a few times while singing, and he would tilt his head to the side really quickly, and it was all so cute SO CUTE SO CUTEEEEE. Then towards the end of the song he made a mistake and me and my friend laughed so hard, we almost fell on each other. At the end before he went away, he appologized/mummbled 'shitsureishimashita', and everyone screamed. It was wonderful.

Next was one love and I tried my best to do part of the dance. Jun's solo part sounded really nice, and he was in key with the music. I really liked this song even though I hear it so much. lol.

After was Hatenai sora, and I think it was either this song or one of the next songs where they came around on those moving carts that come right in front of the stands. Kimi no tame ni boku ga iru was right after, and we had a fun time jumping along, which moved right into energy song. All i remember was there was a lot of waving, and moving, and eventually one of the carts stopped right in front of our section, and nino was on it. I waved my uchiwa so much.

Finally the MC. Sho asked us to take a break and sit down, while they gathered on center stage.

They started off with how everyone was feeling. And sho asked each member, who replied with zekkochocho! and they finally got to ohno who said something like 'yoroshiku sha sha shaaaasu'. (LOL).

Sho pointed out nino made a mistake during his solo with 'you're ninomiya right? your solo...... what happened with that?' and nino was being a brat and tried to blame it on the 'mic trouble', but sho cut right in and was like NOOOO!!! NO BLAME MICROPHONE.

Someone also mentioned that osaka stands are really close, and it was either ohno or sho that got embarrassed being so close that they ended up looking straight up when passing by the stands (LOL). Ohno said he was close enough that he could probably touch the fans when on the carts.

Then they talked about and promoted their upcoming dramas and movies. Aiba and nino didnt have anything to promote, but they were super cute saying 'we are waiting for offers! stage plays or musicals are okay too! thank you very much'

Matsujun talked about his drama shitsuren chocolatier, and something about giving chocolate for valentines day. Ohno mentioned kagiheya special, and how the filming was during arafes and he was super busy. Sho mentioned his nazodi and kamisama no karute.

After they went over the instructions on how to dance funky. Jun was going over how to do the wave, and how the arena section right infront of back stage had the hardest part. Then he made ohno demonstrate how fast to do the wave. IT WAS REALLY FAST. And everyone laughed including the members who were like 'so fast! that was too fast'. Ohno had this really derp face like 'yeah, its fast' XD.

I think it was aiba who mentioned that they were watching us before the concert started, while we practiced the funky dance. Sho also noted that while everyone might not dance to the song, to try our best. Then they said, even though we did all that practicing the wave, that Funky was not the next song. Funky was going to come later.

Matsujuns solo was next. The video started playing of vampire matsujun with a woman and just before he was going to bite her.... a girl in our section screamed so loud and covered her face in embarrassment. It was so funny and cute XD
His solo took place on center stage with chairs and jr's dancing with him. I thought it was a pretty good solo from him after all.

Next, was monokuro, where the members appear on the side platforms on thier own chairs. I think nino was on the end of the center platform, and i just stared at him the whole time. Towards the end of the song they all moved towards center stage, and the music started to sound like it was repeating over and over the same verse, and slowly it started going off tune. Then suddenly the lights dimmed down and they did their accent dance with all the fog and lights facing on center stage.

That moved straight into paradox and they used the flame and fire effects around center stage. Even though me and my friend were so far back in the stands, we could still feel some of the heat from the flames. (I wonder what it feels like for the arena). Sho's rap was awesome, and the dance was just like the pv and all their tv performances.

Right after was calling, and FIREWORKS! The fireworks they set off when the main part of calling starts were super loud It kinda made me jump. And they also set off more towards the end of the song. I enjoyed the loud very much.

Then after all the loud and dancing, was aiba's solo. For some reason I remember his solo really well. He was wearing his red long coat, started on the moving stage from the left side, and came around the whole circle. It was really pretty too because he had blue lights all over the moving stage, and since it was dark, it looked like twinkling stars. The tracks the stage were moving on were also glowing blue, that was really pretty.

Next was Tears, and the laser beams were really nice during this song. Since it was a kinda slow sad ballad, I also changed my penlight to the white light instead.

Starlight kiss became more upbeat, but I dont remember where everyone was standing.

FInally, FUNKY TIME!!! WHen the music started, everyone rushed to turn off their penlight so they could get the timing right when to turn it on. It was really cool when we all switched on, and everyone's penlight started blinking the same color at the same time. I tried my best to dance, and probably spent more time following the screens instead of looking at arashi (lol). The wave went just as we practiced earlier, and it was so much fun. Funky is now one of my favorite songs from the album because of this.

Next was Meikyuu love song, and Love so Sweet. I think everyone was moving around during these songs waving to the audience.

Then ai wo utao. The stage had turned into a big dome, and arashi went inside of it.  They projected things on the dome and then finally, arashi came out of holes on top and started singing. It was really nice, and I just watched them sing instead of looking at the screens. Then they finished singing and went back in, but the music kept playing and finally came to a nice end with Arashi Live Tour 2013 "Love" projected on it.

encore started with people softly chanting 'arashi, arashi, arashi'. because we all knew they were going to come back out anyways.

Which they did with toku made. I think it was this song where they shot out confettii (I didn't get any though ;n;)

Sakura sake was so hyper and fast, and I remember having fun doing all the hand/penlight waving during the chorus.

Then came Happiness, where everyone was walking around and waving, and finally at the end gathered at center stage for the final pose.
They thanked everyone for coming, and I think it was here where they lined up and said 'bokura no namae wa nanda- se-no!' and we all screamed 'ARASHI!!!!!!'.

double encore

They came back out and did thier formal speech thanking us again for coming. Sho was holding the towel and spinning around a little on the side. Matsujun was also wearing a confetti around his neck and it was sparkling so much. Then they said to show thier thanks, they will sing kansha kangeki ame arashi. I think they stayed on the main stage for this song and the last song, My girl. My girl was the last song, and they waved bye to us one last time and went away.

concert ended about 8:49pm.

arashi november 2013 015

arashi november 2013 019

And then I made a little fanart of their solo outfits :DDD



...my unhealthy obsession with arashi pairings.....
like aimiya, ohmiya, sakumiya......matsumiya.
basically, anything with nino in it.
since i like him the bestest :D


sooooooo, i made a lj.


its kinda hard to figure out how to use....


someone help meee...

this is worse than me trying out facebook.


well, eventually i will post things.

and make lj a more rainbow place!!! :D